Molokini Snorkeling from Maui with Paragon Sailing Charters

The "Paragon" and "Paragon II" are some of the fastest wind powered vessels to sail in the waters of Maui. These boats have been clocked at over thirty knots on windy days and to be along for the ride is a thrill to say the least. The amazing thing about these boats is how luxurious they are considering how well they perform. The wide deck of these catamarans allow for plenty of space to spread out and find a place to lie out and enjoy the sun. There is also a large shaded cabin for you as well, just in case you would like to take a break from the sun. Access to the water is easy with their swim steps that extend beneath the surface of the water and all the equipment you will need to snorkel will be provided for you by Paragon Charters. The morning trip generally goes to Molokini and the afternoon trip most often goes to Coral Gardens.

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Certainly one of the very fastest boats found in the islands is the 47' customized sailing catamaran, Paragon. Paragon Sailing Charters offers a number of choices for boat tours ranging from morning sails to Molokini; Day Trips to Lanai; Sunset Sails; and Performance Sails.

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