Molokini Snorkeling from Maui with Maui Classic Charters

A trip on the Maui Magic is truly a rewarding experience. Many boats claim to be fast on the ocean but this boat "really is" fast. It is so fast in fact that it is one of the only boats that is capable of departing Maalaea Harbor and on its initial leg speed past Molokini and then actually go around the southern corner of the island at Makena and head east to the area of the island called Kanaio which is the very last area on the island where lava flowed into the water in the 1790's. The lava provides a rock shelf shoreline and ocean floor so there is very little sediment in the water and the visibility for snorkeling is pristine and crystal. This is also an area of the island that is frequented by dolphins and you may be lucky enough to see them on your excursion. Next, the Maui Magic will take you to Molokini for a snorkel at the time the least amount of boats are in the crater. Very few boats we have on Maui have the capabilities of the Maui Magic to provide you with such a truly great ocean experience.

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