Molokini Snorkeling from Maui with Maui Classic Charters

What a great boat this has been over the years! The Four Winds is a double deck power vessel which has a glass bottom and takes daily trips out to the island of Molokini. The boat is comfortable and has a deck below for those who want shade and has a deck above for taking sun. This boat is particularly suited to families with children or large extended families with older family members. The children love the glass bottom and special attention is given to them when they snorkel as the crew have special see-through boogie boards that are great for floatation and viewing at the same time. Older members of the party often just come for the ride and enjoy the spacious and comfortable cabins and deck to hang out on while the others in their group are snorkeling. The Four Winds is also one of the few boats that spends a lot of time at Molokini enjoying that experience without leaving after a short bit to go to another snorkel location. This boat translates into "low key" relaxation.

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