Molokini Snorkeling from Maui with Blue Water Rafting

Blue Water Rafting is a company that has been a staple in the snorkel industry on Maui for decades. They have built their reputation with their use of small zodiac type inflatable rafts which are fast and maneuverable and can take visitors to places that are not accessible to other boats. The Kanaio coastline is their specialty as they have one of the few boats that can get in there to explore. This is a coastline on the extreme south facing coast of Maui which faces the Big Island. It was the last spot on the island that had volcanic activity and was covered by a lava flow in the 1790's. Much of the area along the shore and sea bottom is lava in this area and hence is not a spot that is overcome by turbulence and poor visibility.

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If adventure is in your blood and want to have an exciting snorkel experience you might be interested in joining Blue Water Rafting for one of their exciting snorkel tours to Molokini or to the remote and pristine Kanaio area of the island.

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