Molokini Snorkeling from Maui with Aqua Snuba Adventures

If you like the speed and stability of a monohull you might be interested in trying this 50' Louisiana built vessel built for swiftness and comfort. This boat will rival the design of many of the larger boats but carry much smaller groups of people. It is coast guard approved for forty-nine passengers but usually limits its numbers to just in the forty range. Aside from providing snorkeling on this boat one of the interesting amenities is they will provide SNUBA tours as well. SNUBA is similar to SCUBA diving in the sense that an air tank is used but in this case the tank is floated on the surface with a large hose that extends down to the SNUBA diver who is perhaps at a depth of 15 or 20 feet. This mixes the world of scuba diving with the world of snorkeling for an interesting and different experience.

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Aqua Adventures offers Molokini trips, snuba diving and whale watching tours. Its fast boat motors quickly between destinations and allows more time for snorkeling or whale watching.

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