Molokini Snorkeling from Maui with Aloha Blue Charters

Aloha Blue Charters is a bit different kind of Molokini snorkeling boat. First off it carries smaller groups of people on its charters with a maximum of thirty passengers. Secondly the jet propelled 40' power catamaran is used as a fishing boat as well and hence offers a great opportunity to do some fishing on the way to and from Molokini for some additional excitement. With a smaller number of people on board than many boats offer it provides a more personalized experience and you can ask many questions of your captain and crew. The boat will take you out to Molokini as a first stop and usually will go to a second location off the coast of south Maui for a second location for more snorkeling and a chance to see turtles. Lunch will be served on board as will beer and wine after you are out of the water and have finished snorkeling.

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Aloha Blue Charters is unique in that it provides a 40' jet drive boat for use as a snorkel boat to Molokini and surrounding Maui snorkel locations but also is an ideal vessel for bottom fishing excursions and is also used for whale watching during whale season.

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