Many Kauai Beaches Closed Due to High Surf Yesterday

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Tom Barefoot's Tours has come under some criticism in recent years with comments directed at the 'beaches' section of our web site. The criticism has not been directed at the information provided about the beaches themselves but regarding the warnings we have placed on those pages alerting the public to the safety issues dealing with the oceans surrounding the islands. Although the ocean provides so much in the way of enjoyment for Hawaii visitors and residents alike, we believe that there is often not enough awareness placed upon safety issues, particularly regarding Hawaii visitors who are not familiar with entering into, or for that matter even seeing the ocean. Our intention has not been to dissuade Hawaii visitors from using and enjoying the beautiful oceans that surround our state but simply to give them an awareness of the potential hazards that exist. If people would simply observe the ocean conditions prior to entering the water, many incidents could be avoided.

Case in point. Yesterday a high surf advisory was in effect and many of the Kauai beaches were closed by the lifeguards. According to the ocean professionals and forecasters the north shore surf reached 12 to 16 feet Thursday on its increase to 15 to 20 feet on Friday. For west shores, surf was 8 to 10 feet increasing to 10 to 14 feet on Friday. Although many beaches have been closed, these beaches have primarily been those with lifeguard towers that were able to provide some measure of enforcement. Kauai is not the only island to be effected by the swell as high surf conditions are expected into the weekend throughout Oahu, Molokai, Lanai and Maui as well.

Here in Hawaii, ocean conditions can turn on a dime and we just want to make certain that our visitors pay close attention before entering. For many the Hawaii oceans are an unfamiliar environment. The lure of the surf can be overwhelming but it can also be quite dangerous. Simply be aware of the conditions and ask questions if you have any doubt.

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