Luaus on Kauai with Smith's Tropical Paradise

One of the most beautiful luaus in all of Hawaii is the Smith's Tropical Paradise Luau, which is found along the banks of the Wailua River near the town of Kapaa. Something that separates this luau from all others in Hawaii is the special location it has by the river and the tropical gardens that surround it. The gardens themselves are worth the price of admission. The very first portion of time spent at the luau when you arrive is dedicated time for you to peruse the acres of well tended and lush tropical foliage and Hawaiian vegetation. You might get so lost in the beauty of the area that you forget you're there for a luau, but the sound of the Hawaiian entertainment and the smell of the unearthing of the Kalua Pork from the underground "imu" will bring you back to the intent of your original purpose for attending. The food and drink served at the dinner "hale" is delicious, and the entertainment will be delightful. However, the real entertainment will begin when dinner is over and you're asked to move the one-hundred yards or so to the spectacular open air amphitheater they have created to host the Hawaiian show with live music, song, and dance.

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No luau on Kauai has ever been able to compare in any way with the Smith's Luau on the banks of the Wailua River. Dating back decades to its opening, its location, ambiance and Hawaiian hospitality bring you back to the days of old Hawaii.

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