Barefoot Hawaii Discount Club

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Because of your affiliation with Old Wailuku Inn you are entitled to specially discounted prices which are not publicly available.

At Tom Barefoot's Tours, paying the lowest price makes good 'cents'!

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Our Low Price Guarantee

Tom Barefoot's Tours strives to give you the best pricing in the industry. We usually have the most competitive pricing from the start. Since there are hundreds and hundreds of activities available in the state it may be possible that you could have found a price in a publication or a website that seems more favorable than ours. If so let us know and we will 'beat that price'. (prior to determining a competitor has a better price please follow through to check-out and you may find that a service fee has been added that takes away the savings you thought were being discounted.)

Our Obvious Disclaimers

Price offers that involve Time Share Presentations, special Club Card purchases, 'loss leaders' priced below our 'net price schedule' or discount pricing that is below the price ceiling that is permitted by the actual activity vendor will not be valid for this offering. Given those criteria please let us know the price you have found and we will beat that price. Any tours already issued by Tom Barefoot's Tours will not be reissued at the lower price; please inform us of the low price you found prior to purchase.

Advantages of Using our Low Price Guarantee

In this way you will be assured that you are getting the best price for each tour you buy. Also by having all your tours handled by Tom Barefoot's Tours as your single booking agent you will save time, energy and stress if any of your tours need to be adjusted, rearranged or refunded because of bad weather, mechanical breakdowns or unforeseen circumstances.

Here's what to do if you find a better price:

In the 'special notes' section of our Request a Reservation Form in our activity cart check-out page enter the exact price you found including all taxes and fees and the exact URL of the specific site you found it on when you make your activity order. We will automatically issue you a price lower than that one when it meets the criteria explained above.


Golf course pricing is not included in our 'low price guarantee'. Golf courses often offer impromptu specials that are created 'on the fly', and are impossible to continually follow and monitor. We typically offer golf at the rack rate or somewhat lower simply as a convenience for our clients who want to have all their activity bookings placed and arranged under one umbrella. If there is a weather cancellation or any mechanical issues with any tour and it needs to be refunded or rescheduled this often cause a 'domino effect' on other scheduled tours and it is easier for us to handle all the rescheduling, including golf tee times, so the best itinerary can be recreated for the client.