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Sightseeing on Oahu in a van is one thing, but actually sightseeing the various areas of Oahu on foot or by hiking provides a completely different perspective. Oahu Nature Tours is a sightseeing tour company but also a hiking company. In fact they offer more hikes on the island than any other company. These hiking tours will take you to some of the remote and beautiful areas of the island that you are not likely to see on your own. A great thing about these tours is that they are generally available in the morning and are usually fairly short. You could expect in most cases to be picked up at your hotel by 8:00am in the morning or so and be delivered back by noon. Many people enjoy this format so much that they will sign up for different tours on different days and in fact Oahu Nature Tours offers special pricing for multiple tours.

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Oahu's many outdoor regions can be visited on a variety of hikes with Oahu Nature Tours. Tours are generally designed be taken in a single morning outing and so you could choose tours for multiple days and in fact you will get a price break for doing so.

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