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Polynesian Adventure Tours has been a staple in the land tour industry of the Hawaiian Islands for years. They have operations on all major Hawaiian islands, and even offer packages that include airfare as well as a guided tour once you arrive. On the island of Maui, there are so many sights to see. The whole Hana side of the island is a lush triple canopy rainforest that averages over one hundred inches of rain annually. This side of the island was once isolated from the main port of Kahului because of the series of steep valleys and gulches that made it impossible to travel by wagon. In 1926, the construction of the Hana Highway was completed and it was possible to travel from the main port of Kahului to the Hana side of the island. This highway is an engineering marvel. The road is cut through some of the most rugged, beautiful terrain you will find anywhere on the planet. Seeing this side of the island is something that should be on the agenda of every Maui visitor. Polynesian Adventure Tours also offers tours to the summit of the Haleakala Volcano. Haleakala is 10,023 feet tall and from the summit it is possible to see the Big Island, and on a very clear day Oahu is even visible. Haleakala is not like most mountains, on its peak sits one of the largest craters in existence with a length of over ten miles and a depth of over one thousand feet. Smaller cinder cones litter the floor of the crater and the iron oxide in the dirt makes the entire landscape a deep rust color. From the base of the mountain Haleakala hides its crater well and it is not visible until you get all the way to the top, and literally peer over the rim to see what lies below. If you have the time to go experience this sight first hand, Polynesian Adventure Tours has packages available that pick you up from your hotel.

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One of the very largest sightseeing tour companies in all of Hawaii is Polynesian Adventure Tours. They operate a large variety of tours on all the islands as well as offer 'same day' interisland tours from your island of origin to the other islands allowing you to see an outer island without having to relocate and move to another hotel there.

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