Land Tours on Maui with Maui Pineapple Tours

Go for a different type of sightseeing tour and with Maui Pineapple Tours. Spend a few hours with long-time pineapple workers for a once in a lifetime authentic experience on a Maui Pineapple Tour. Ride to fields being harvested that day. Learn first-hand about the unique growing and harvesting cycle of the "King of Fruits". You'll even be able to pick your own pineapple to take home and experience the taste of the tropics. At one point in time the pineapple growing industry was one of the biggest industries in the islands. Since it's heyday the industry has almost completely disappeared. The pineapple as well as the sugar cane industry in Hawaii has been greatly impacted by the cheap labor that is available overseas. The Maui Pineapple Tour is one of the few things left of this once mighty Hawaiian industry. All of the guides of the Maui Pineapple Tour were brought up in the Hawaiian pineapple industry and the kind of knowledge and stories they will share with you take on a whole new level of meaning and significance when heard from them first hand.

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