Land Tours on Kauai with Smith's Tropical Paradise

Your boat and land tour to the Smith's Tropical Paradise is certain to be a highlight of your visit to Kauai. The Smith family has run this boat cruise for many years, and its point of departure takes you by the luau grounds of the Smith's Luau which they own and operate as well. The Fern Grotto itself is truly an icon on the island of Kauai as it has been enjoyed by generations of visitors and natives alike. The singing of the "Hawaiian Wedding Song" in the natural outdoor amphitheater of the Fern Grotto is hauntingly beautiful in every respect. This is a land tour and bit of old Hawaii that should not be missed!

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No luau on Kauai has ever been able to compare in any way with the Smith's Luau on the banks of the Wailua River. Dating back decades to its opening, its location, ambiance and Hawaiian hospitality bring you back to the days of old Hawaii.

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