Land Tours on Kauai with Robert's Hawaii

Robert's Hawaii has a long history as a land tour company, and they have their roots deep in the social fabric of the island of Kauai. Robert's Hawaii actually became a company just after the war began in 1941. Robert Iwamoto Sr. started a taxi company to service the soldiers that had started to become a big part of the infrastructure of Kauai at the time. He began adding more vehicles and started giving island tours. Robert's Hawaii continued to add more and more vans as the company quickly expanded. As generations of his family grew into the business over the years, Robert's Hawaii eventually took the number one position for land tour companies on Kauai and in the entire state of Hawaii. By the year 2007, Robert's Hawaii had grown to become the very largest employee owned business in Hawaii. On Kauai, Robert's Hawaii offers tours that cover the island from one side to the other. They have tours that visit the strikingly stark and beautiful Waimea Valley. Robert's Hawaii also offers tours that visit the Kapaa district of the island along with a boat trip up the gentle Wailua River. A stop-off at the Fern Grotto is where you will hear the Hawaiian Wedding Song in the haunting ambiance and natural acoustics of a natural rock amphitheater. Robert's Hawaii also visits the "laid back" and very sweet district of the island called Hanalei.

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Robert's Hawaii is the largest sightseeing company in Hawaii offering tour options on all the islands. In addition to running a variety of land tours on each island, they also offer "room and car" packages for inter-island travel.

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