Land Tours on Kauai with Aloha Kauai Backroad Tours

Aloha Kauai Backroad Tours offers a variety of van tours that share a common theme. Aloha Kauai Backroads trips don't just take you there, they take you a little bit further. They don't just take you to the beach. They have a trip that takes you to the beach and then continues into the water for a snorkel tour. They have a four wheel drive tour that doesn't take you just to the locked gate. They take you through them to go explore all of the back roads locked away on the other side. Or they even have a trip that takes you to the trailhead, and then goes for a hike down the trail. Aloha Kauai Backroad Tours has a reputation for being a little more of an adventure then most and if exploration and adventure appeal to you, then you might want to consider an Aloha Kauai Backroad Tour on your Kauai vacation.

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Spend a guided day at the Beach on Kauai's southern coastline with a snorkeling experience for any level.

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