Land Tours on Hawaii with Robert's Hawaii

Robert's Hawaii is a well established Hawaii sightseeing company covering the state island wide. Robert's Hawaii was rooted in the tourism of Hawaii since the early nineteen-forties. Robert's Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii offers tours that are very popular and reasonably priced. Their circle island tour is a twelve hour full day tour that departs from the Kona side heading south past South Point, visits the volcano area, and completes a circumnavigation of the island by coming through the Parker Ranch. Robert's Hawaii also offers an interesting tour leaving from the Hilo side that visits the volcanoes and arranges to come back in the early evening so that you can have an opportunity to see the glow of the volcanoes in the darkened hours.

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Robert's Hawaii is the largest sightseeing company in Hawaii offering tour options on all the islands. In addition to running a variety of land tours on each island, they also offer "room and car" packages for inter-island travel.

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