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The sightseeing and land tours offered by Hawaii Forest and Trail are among the very best to be found on the Big Island of Hawaii. Everyone knows that the Big Island of Hawaii is beautiful and just seeing it is inspirational. The concept of Hawaii Forest and Trail takes a wider perspective in the sense that they want you not only to appreciate the natural beauty but understand some of the underlying disciplines that provide the genesis for much of this extraordinary beauty. The guides and crew provided by Hawaii Forest and Trail are some of the most knowledgeable and conscientious guides you will come across and you will learn much about the biology, endangered species, conservation, natural history, human history, and climatology of the Big Island. Much of this desire to transfer more than just "a beautiful day in the forest" mentality came about as a result of the ideas of the company owner and founder, Rob Pacheco. He has contacted major land owners on the Big Island who own large tracks of land in pristine areas and has made arrangements with them to be able to bring his unique tours to these private property locations. His passion for establishing and making these lands available for his touring public has truly opened up the Big Island to a new and more expanded variety of sightseeing tour options. Hawaii Forest and Trail's tours vary greatly from tours of Kilauea Volcano to a Mauna Kea Summit and Stars Adventure which allows you to view the heavens through telescopes from the nine-thousand foot level of the mountain, to a Waipio Valley Rim Hike with unbelievable views of forest, mountains, ocean and rivers to all day bird-watching tours deep in the forests, to waterfall adventures and even a visit to a agricultural farm and feast at one of the Big Island's most prestigious restaurants.

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Hawaii Forest and Trail is one of the premier hiking and eco-adventure tour companies on the Big Island. They offer a variety of hiking tours which visit vastly different areas of the island and concentrate on the geology, biology, botany and history of each region.

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