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Lanai Dolphins With Ocean Riders

Today we went out with Ocean Riders on their sleek 28' speedboat on a mission to circumnavigate the island of Lanai. The weather was slightly overcast but there was not a breath of wind in the air which made the surface of the ocean as smooth as a pane of glass. On our way across the channel we encountered multiple pods of whales. Two of which came very close to our boat. We motored up the Northern coastline of Lanai and passed multiple shipwrecks along the barrier reef that is located there. As we made our way around the island we stopped to go snorkeling at three different locations. While in the water we saw an immense variety of coral and sea life. Captain Chad was even able to find an octopus in between some rocks at our first snorkel location which everyone really enjoyed getting to see close up.

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Crossing the Au Au channel, begin your island circle at shipwreck beach. The rusted hulls of the shipwrecks date back to WW II. Travel down the wind swept coast where miles of isolated white sand beaches beckon us ashore for exploration.

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