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Lahaina Divers Molokini

For our dive our instructor took us along the eastern tip of Molokini where we saw a variety of fish species. There were all kinds of nocturnal fish that were burying themselves into holes and caves in the reef to get some rest during the daytime. We saw some white tipped reef sharks that were hanging out under a ledge and then we were able to get a better view of one of them when he came out and took a cruise over the reef where we could get a better view. The amount of fish that we saw was absolutely incredible Omilu, Taape, Kahala, Uhu and many more. Little did I know this was just a fraction of what we saw on dive number two....

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$83.75 - $158.05

This morning trip offers a 2 tank certified dive to Molokini. Snorkelers are welcome. For guests needing assistance with a wheelchair or walker please inform agent at time of reservation so that you can be properly accommodated.

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