Kids Tours and Activities on Oahu with Sea Life Park

Sea Life Park is an attraction that was made for children of all ages. If you have a fondness for animals, your heart will absolutely melt into the enjoyment you will experience at Sea Life Park. This world-class marine attraction, located at scenic Makapuu point about fifteen miles from Waikiki, is loaded with exhibits and hands-on experiences with animals. Do your children want to swim with dolphins? Well who doesn't? You're in the right place! Enjoy sea-lions, penguins, sharks, stingrays, turtles, sea birds, and so much more. You'll be able to see open air aquatic shows and reef aquariums; you'll be able to interact with trainers; and you'll appreciate the environmental work being done at the center to preserve endangered species. Sea Life Park is on the top of the list of adventures recommended for children. Even President and Mrs. Obama brought their children for a visit to Sea Life Park on their last few visits to Oahu. The dolphin programs offered by Sea Life Park are some of the best offered anywhere. This is a special treat for children and parents as well.

They have three separate programs for you to choose from. The first is the Dolphin Encounter, which allows you to get into the water and share the environment with the dolphins. The second option is the Dolphin Swim Adventure, which allows you to snuggle up to a dolphin for a kiss. You'll enjoy a belly ride while you learn about the communication skills of the dolphins. The third option is called the Dolphin Royal Swim. When you decide on this option, you will be able to ride alongside the dolphins while holding their dorsal fins and also be catapulted out of the water like a rocket as they push against your feet from the water beneath. You will feel the strength and speed of these gentle animals as they take you for a ride you won't soon forget.

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Sea Life Park is essentially a 'marine playground' you can visit, they are located on the eastern shores of Oahu at the base of the cliffs of Waimanalo.

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