Kids Tours and Activities on Oahu with Dolphin Excursions

You'd be hard-pressed to find a tour on Oahu that would be a more exciting, educational and informative tour for children then one of these wonderful dolphin tours offered by Dolphin Excursions. Not only will you be able to tour in small groups with Dolphin Excursions to this isolated region of the island of Oahu with your children and see the dolphins in the wild, but better yet, you'll be able to swim with them as well (ninety-five percent of the time). These creatures are some of the smartest and most playful of all marine mammals. It is rare that you would only come across just one or two of these dolphins at a time as the travel in pods of perhaps twenty-five or more. The Dolphin Excursion guides on board will be able to answer all your question about the dolphins and the other sea-life and you'll have a great time snorkeling as well.

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Dolphin Excursions operates off the Waianae Coast of Oahu and its daily morning and afternoon snorkel tours specialize in swimming with dolphins. Going out with small groups on this fast and maneuverable 'SCARIB' boat makes it all the more personalized.

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