Kids Tours and Activities on Oahu with Atlantis Submarine

Of the many tours and activities available to children on the island of Oahu, one of the very best is the Atlantis Submarine. Keep in mind that your children have to be at least three-feet tall to be allowed on the vessel, but if they meet that qualification Atlantis Submarine is a natural for them. First of all it's pretty high-tech as boat go. This is a five-million dollar vessel that is designed to explore the underwater world of Oahu. Submarines are something every child knows about but how many of them have really been on one. For that matter how many adults have been on one either. Even those very select among us who have had the privilege of doing so, as some in the military have, have not had an opportunity to see out and view the ocean depths through large windows to see what was out there. There is something about submarines and the notion of cruising below the water that captures the imagination and children, as we all know, have great imaginations. As the boat submerges in the shoreline off Oahu you will be taken to depths of perhaps eighty or ninety feet to view the reef life surrounding the island. One special consideration you should have when taking your children on board the Atlantis Submarine adventure is that there are no bathrooms on the vessel. There are bathrooms on the transfer vessel that takes you out to the sub however and your trip below will be about forty-five minutes or so.

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Atlantis Adventures will provide you with an opportunity to dive in absolute comfort in a 'state of the art', window filled submarine to a depth of about 100' for about forty minutes.

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