Kids Tours and Activities on Maui with Maui Ocean Center

Do you want to show your youngster some fish but don't quite feel comfortable taking them in the ocean yet? The Maui Ocean Center is one of the world's top aquariums and it is a great, less wet alternative to taking your child snorkeling. The Maui Ocean Center has a variety of exhibits that will undoubtedly spark the curiosity and interest of young and old alike. There is a jellyfish tank, a walk through tank that has a Plexiglas tunnel that you can walk inside of going through it, a "touching tank" where they allow you to actually reach inside of it and touch the various creatures.

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Maui is home to one of the worlds top aquariums, the Maui Ocean Center. Some of the highlights include the jellyfish cylinder. A Plexiglas Tunnel that is completely under the water and allows the viewer inside to see fish passing on both sides of them as well as above and below.

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