Kids Tours and Activities on Hawaii with Blue Sea Cruises

One of the great children's or Kid's activities on the Kona Coast of the Big Island would be the tours offered by Blue Sea Cruises. Not only is the water off the coast of Kona usually fairly flat and conducive to a comfortable ride for the children but the Blue Sea Cruises double deck seventy-foot power catamaran called the Spirit of Kona also has two glass-bottom ports below which are great for children to view the underwater world through. The reef life off the coast of Kona is extensive with plenty of fish and turtles, rays, eels, dolphins and whales in season and always offer a possibility to be seen. The wide and open decks of the boat allow plenty of room for children to scurry about and the educational opportunities and education available on these cruises make them a natural for children of all ages.

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Blue Sea Cruises is specifically designed to view the Kona coastline sea life from above the surface and below. Its glassbottom portals are perfect for viewing the coral reefs and plentiful fish in the area.

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