Kiai, Chief Programmer

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My Name: Kia`i Barretto
My Phone Extension: None
Lived In Hawaii Since: Born & Raised.
Originally From: Koloa, Hawaii
My Favorite Types of Activities: Hiking tours, hunting, snorkeling tours.
I Have Been Described By My Clients As: Strong, curious, scrupulous.

My Name is Kia`i Ikaia Nakapuahi `O Kilohana Barretto. I am the Chief Programmer/Webmaster here at Tom Barefoot's Tours. I can normally be found in my office sitting behind my computer screen either maintaining our site or innovating something new. I created the "Virtual Concierge System" as well as many of the other unique innovations you will find on our website. I don't normally handle questions about activities or tours but if you have any suggestions of ways we could improve our website please let me know.

I was born and raised on the island of Kaua`i. Being taught to love my island for its wonderful culture and the sustenance it can provide was a part of life. After high school, I traveled to the states for higher education at Southern Oregon University where i studied Computer Information Sciences and met many influential people in my life. One of those people were none other than our very own Jake Barefoot. Being that we were both 'Hawaii Boys,' our friendship grew during college. Now I find myself working for something that I can be proud to stand behind. Showing people my 'Beautiful Hawaii' as it should be seen. Nani O Hawaii. Mahalo for supporting those who support Hawaii.

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If you need help with any sort of questions about the activities that we sell you should direct them to one of our sales agents. However, If you have a suggestion of how I can improve the website to enable you have a better user experience please contact me using the form below.

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Patrick B

I really like the site. You do great work.