Kayaking Tours on Oahu with Twogood Kayaks Hawaii

Bob Twogood is the man behind the amazing story of Twogood Kayaks. Bob has been a pioneer in the sport of kayaking on Oahu's windward coasts. His original interest in kayaking led him to be a former national champion kayak racer, and in 1982 he brought his considerable skills and kayaking prowess into fruition culminating in the establishment of his burgeoning new enterprise, Twogood Kayaks Hawaii. He devised a tour from Kailua Bay out to the Mokulua Islands that lay just one mile off the coast of nearby Lanikai Beach. He knew the area as being one of the premier snorkeling and kayaking regions in Hawaii with shallow enough waters to be able to see the enormous colorful coral heads that lie below the surface. The trip out to the Moku'lua's was reasonably short and the islands were ideal to land on as they had beautiful white sand beaches and a surf break excellent for kayak surfing for those that had an interest. The islands were also bird sanctuaries so from an ecological standpoint they were an amazing place to visit. On the way back to Kailua there were great places to snorkel so all in all he devised the prefect kayak tour ideal for both beginner and accomplished kayakers alike.

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