Kayaking Tours on Maui with South Pacific Kayaks

South Pacific Kayaks is one of the oldest and most experienced kayak companies offering tours on Maui. Not only have they been operational longer than most companies, but they offer a wider selection of options than you will generally find elsewhere. Their tours can vary between two and five hours in length, and can require the least amount of paddling to offering more challenging tours requiring more effort. One of their most fantastic tours involves a ride out to the island of Molokini which can only occur when the weather conditions are just right. This tour is about seven-and-a-half miles in length and includes a great Molokini snorkel once you reach the island. One wonderful thing about this tour is that, conditions permitting, you can paddle around the backside of Molokini which is not usually seen by snorkelers visiting the crater. You will enjoy the majesty of the sheer cliffs that descend straight down from huge heights and continue down underwater toward the ocean floor.

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One of the oldest and most seasoned of the Maui kayak touring companies is South Pacific Kayaks. Their list of kayak tour options is larger than most as they extend from Makena and La Perouse Bay on the south side to Honolua Bay on the north-west end of Maui and they even offer whale watch tours from kayaks.

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