Kayaking Tours on Kauai with Wailua River Kayaks

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If you like to experience the culture first hand from locals that were born and raised on the island you might choose to have your kayak adventure with the folks from Wailua River Guides. As their name implies they tour their kayaks along the most famous river in Hawaii, the Wailua River. From the mouth of the river in the area called Wailua near the town of Kapaa they meet their clients and set them up on kayaks for the days adventure. Kayaking on this river is not difficult as there is usually very little current and the entire trip up into the tributaries of the Wailua at the place that you park your kayak and get out is only about two miles. From there you begin your hike of about a mile inland through dense forested jungles and past ancient Hawaiian rock walls to your final destination called Secret Falls, which is an immense waterfall that drops over one-hundred feet into a large fresh water pool. The rest of your trip is the reverse of the first half as your helpful guides offer assistance and provide you with information about the islands and answer any questions you might have.

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