Kayaking Tours on Kauai with Princeville Ranch Adventures

The one adventure offered by the Princeville Ranch that has to do with kayaking is called the Jungle Valley Adventure. This tour is actually a combination of kayaking, hiking, swimming, and Ziplining. The very first part of the tour is the portion that deals with kayaking, and it involves a kayak launch into the Kalihiwai Stream. This gentle flowing and shallow stream requires a launch and a push down a shoot to enter, and to everyone's delight is accompanied by a generous amount of wave action, splashing, hooting by fellow kayakers, and an impending feeling of doom as you feel you will capsize upon entry but never do. You will paddle what seems to be a couple miles up the river to an area where you will tie your vessel up and move on to your next adventure, which is the Zipline. Later in the day, your kayak adventure resumes as you guide your kayak down through the waters you just traversed none the worse for wear.

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The Princeville Ranch is certainly one of the most beautiful of any in the whole state of Hawaii. With its backdrop of the romantic Hanalei Mountains and it rolling hills to the sea, the Princeville Ranch is the home of a spectacular zip line course, river kayaking, hiking and some of the most amazing horseback riding country to be found anywhere.

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