Kayaking Tours on Kauai with Kayak Kauai Outbound

One of the companies offering the most in the way of kayak adventures on Kauai is a company called Kayak Kauai Outbound. This adventure company was actually founded in the early eighties by two brothers, Micco and Chino Godinez, who just landed on Kauai after a hearty ocean kayak adventure that took them all the way from the Big Island on one end of the state, to the island of Kauai on the other. Their adventure offering involve more than just kayaks but also include hiking and surfing adventures as well. With regard to kayaking however they offer a full series of options ranging from trips on the very gentle and tranquil Hanalei River, to a kayak paddle and hike into a huge waterfall on the Wailua River, to an incredible eleven mile paddle along the entire length of the Na Pali Coast.

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