Kayaking Tours on Kauai with Kauai Backcountry Tubing

Now we're talking some fun! This is perhaps the most unique tour in all the islands of Hawaii and could arguably be rated as the most fun as well. In the 1870's some special aqueduct engineers were brought in from the mainland to devise a series of flumes that would be able to carry the water from the watershed areas of the "wettest spot on Earth", Mt Wai'ale'ale, down to the dryer areas along Kauai's eastern shoreline that were used to grow sugar cane. This flume system was based upon a gentle gravity flow that slowly but surely delivered the water to its intended location. The flumes in some cases were supported on top of great trestles and in other areas actually entered into tunnels that were blasted through the mountains. These flumes no longer bring water to the sugar fields which now days have all been abandoned but the water still flows. To make good use of it Kauai Backcountry Tubing has created a tour by which its participants float down these flumes (which are only about three feet deep) over the bridges and through the tunnels to areas down the mountain. The people who experience this tour can't get enough of it and it seems that everyone who tries it instantly is transformed into a child again with plenty of laughs and squeals to go around. Make sure you get your tickets early on this one because it books up well in advance.

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