Kayaking Tours on Kauai with Ali'i Kayaks

The folks at Alii Kayaks are long time residents of Kauai and enjoy a special relationship with the Wailua River they use to transport people upstream to visit the interior forests of beautiful Kauai. The Wailua River is the largest river on the island and it is the one that is the most navigable. Kayaking on this river is much like kayaking on a lake as there are no rapids or extremely strong currents. Alii Kayaks will take you a couple miles back in through the tributaries of the river and turn on the northern fork which will eventually lead to the stream origin at which point you will disembark from your vessel and the kayaks will be tied to the shoreline. A one mile walk into the interior will lead you through dense rainforests and old Hawaiian rock walls to the site of one of the most stunning and beautiful waterfalls and fresh water pools in all Kauai.

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Join Alii Kayaks on an unforgettable journey up the famous Wailua River. This is truly one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and Alii Kayaks offers both kayak tours and stand-up paddle tours up its serene tributaries.

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