Kayak down the Na Pali Coast

Some years ago a friend told me of a kayak tour he took on Kauai that glided along cliffs and went into sea caves. He said it was his best day in Hawaii. Are you familiar with the trip he was speaking about.


I'm certain he must have been talking about the kayak tours down the Na Pali Coast on Kauai. If this is the one he took I can easily see why he thought it was his very best day in Hawaii. These tours are offered by a number of kayak companies but they are fairly strenuous and only occur during the summer months when there is little wave action on the northern shores. The tour is about twelve miles long and goes one-way down the entire Na Pali Coastline where you will be picked up by a van at the other end. This is probably the ultimate kayak trip on the island of Kauai.

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Hawaii kayak tours are a very popular category of activities enjoyed by island visitors. Kayaking in Hawaii provides so much in the way of excitement, outdoor adventure, marine exploration and overall healthy exercise that it attracts people like a magnet.

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$219.90 - $288.75

This dynamic 15 mile kayak ride is a full day of fun along Kauai's famous Na Pali Coast. Paddling is a legacy from Hawaii's rich ancestry. Feel your connection to the vastness of the sea and experience the enigma of Kauai's unpredictable mist-covered valleys and sea caves.

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$232.90 - $237.55

This seasonal Summer tour is a strenuous journey and about a 13-14 hour day. Approximately 5 to 6 hours (17 miles) of intermittent paddling, surf launching and landings are often the norm on this tour.

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