Jet-Ski Rentals on Oahu with X-Treme Parasail and Jet-Ski

On Oahu, Jet Ski and Parasail go hand and hand and X-Treme Parasail has them both. Actually they have some packages that include both activities in a combination price. Jet skiing is a fun way to pass a short amount of time in the morning or afternoon to add excitement to your day without totally dominating your day. Pick-up can be arranged from your hotel in Waikiki so with pick-up time included your time expended would only run a couple hours. You can take out a jet ski on your own or you can have someone ride tandem with you and share the experience and save you money at the same time. You can also switch driver and passenger so you can each have a shot at being in control.

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X-Treme Jet Ski and Parasail obviously offers both jet skiing and parasailing tours off the coastline of Waikiki and Honolulu. These are two of the most fun, and most active activities available to you on your holiday here.

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