Inter-Island Excursions from Maui with Expeditions - Golf

If you enjoy golf, you'll really enjoy the golf courses at Lanai and they are both included in ferry packages that leave from Lahaina on round trip tickets that brings you over to lanai to play eighteen holes and then brings you back after you're finished. The Challenge at Manele is a beautiful course. It is constructed right out of a lava field and so hitting the ball off the course is not a good idea but when you land the ball on the fairway it just sits up perfectly for your next shot. Challenging but fun and every hole has an ocean view. The course up top, Koele, is beautiful as well but at 2000' elevation is quite different. It is cut out of the forest and pine trees and is more traditional in that sense but still very beautiful. As for challenging, it still has that going for it!

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The Expeditions Ferry Service is the main means of transportation to shuttle back and forth between the islands of Maui and Lanai. Ferry service on this picturesque commute can be purchased separately or it can be included with a jeep rental.

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