Inter-Island Excursions from Maui with Expeditions - 4x4 Adventure

The Expeditions Ferry will pick you up at Lahaina Harbor and ferry you over to the harbor over on Lanai. From here you will be picked-up by an air-conditioned Safari-style Suburban or Jeep Cherokee and driver to see the splendid sights available to you on Lanai. You'll see the Munroe Trail which is chiseled out of ridges, hills and gorges, visit the unusual and unworldly Garden of the Gods with is bizarre rock formations, you'll visit expanses of shoreline where you'll be invited to take a walk to view the sea life and you'll see the famous Lanai shipwreck which is a 365' World War ll military vessel. Have you ever seen Hawaiian petroglyphs? Well that will be in store for you as well. If you've been to Hawaii many times, this might be one island you haven't visited and it's a real treat!

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The Expeditions Ferry Service is the main means of transportation to shuttle back and forth between the islands of Maui and Lanai. Ferry service on this picturesque commute can be purchased separately or it can be included with a jeep rental.

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