Inter-Island Excursions from Kauai with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours

We know for certain that you will enjoy your visit to Kauai but in all probability you will want to pay a visit at some point in time to Pearl Harbor or enjoy a sightseeing tour to the island of Oahu. The tours designed by Discover Hawaii Tours provide a real service in that they allow you to hop aboard a plane on Kauai and visit the island of Oahu for the day and return home at night without having to manage your way through the complications of arranging air-fare, car rental and hotel on Oahu so you can see the same sights. Discover Hawaii Tours offers three separate tours to Oahu you can experience. All of them incorporate a stop at Pearl Harbor and one of them concentrates just on the sights to be found there. The other two will include trips out to the famous Polynesian Cultural Center and also one that includes a complete circle island experience.

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If you are staying on one Hawaiian Island but would like to visit the highlights of another island in the chain then the one-day inter-island flights and tours offered by Aloha Sunshine Tours are just what you're looking for.

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