If I bring my own snorkel equipment can I receive a discount?

I know that all the boats provide you with snorkel equipment but is there a discount if I bring my own?


No, there is no discount for bringing your own equipment but it may be the best policy anyway. Most of the boats provide quality equipment for you to use that has been disinfected from the last group to have used it. The problem with snorkel masks in particular however is that they are made of rubber and tend to mold to a person's individual facial features. When the masks have been used over and over again and applied to different face types the rubber tends to stretch causing possible leaks. If you have your own mask that only you use the mask will mold to your face form and provide a good tight fit with no leaks. If you have a mustache you're on your own however because there is no great solution. Leaks will often happen through a mustache regardless of the precautions taken. For this reason one of my friends that visits Hawaii often will simply shave his mustache before his arrival and grow it back again once he goes back home.

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