How We Track Your Clients

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When you sign up with our Tom Barefoot's Tours Affiliate Partnership Program we immediately assign you two things: you're unique 10,000 page website and unique four-digit Promo Code ID# also found on every page of your site. When one of your clients contacts us from your web pages we are able to track them as belonging to you and you will receive commissions based upon the tours they have purchased.

Online Tracking

Online Tracking

The Tom Barefoot's Tours Affiliate Partnership Program's web tracking system is based on a tracking cookie. We've set the cookie to last for 12 months from the time they initially visit our website. To insure that clients who are using cloud based bookmarks continue to be tracked we've also appended your promo code to the end of the URL string so if the client bookmarks the site and returns to the site from another device such as their iPad or iPhone then the cookie will be set on that device as well. This feature also enables you to receive credit for any business that comes in as a result of any URL sharing that a client may do on their own social media accounts.

It gets even better.... Once someone buys something from us, any return or add-on sales will also be tracked to your account. For instance, if someone browsing the site clicks on a link that takes them to one of the whale watches offered, then buys it, you will receive commissions from that sale. Then say the same client calls us back later and buys a snorkeling trip under the same name that they used for their previous bookings, you will receive commissions from that sale too. Now if that same client comes back to Hawaii 12 months down the road and purchases three more activities (also under the same name), you get commissions on those sales too...... Keep in mind that clients often visit more than one island and you will be receiving commissions on all bookings they make on all islands!


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