How Long Should Our Fishing Charter Be?

We're not big fishermen; in fact we've only been out sport fishing one other time in Mexico. What length of time would you recommend going out for?


As a general rule of thumb, the longer you go out for, the better your chances of catching fish. By the same token, for someone who is not used to being out on boats, a full day on the water can be a long time. Fishing charters usually come in intervals of one-half day (four hours), three-quarter day (6 hours) or full-days (8 hours). Since it often takes over an hour to get to the good fishing grounds your travel time on a half-day tour can be eaten up by simply traveling. Although fish can be caught at any location, even right outside the harbor, you are increasing your likelihood of a good catch if you move into the 6 or 8 hour charters. As is the case with most other activities, if the fish are biting and you are catching them all day long, your day will go by fast but it can be a long day on the water with when you are just churning up the channel.

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