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How Kauai weather patterns effect Kauai Activities and Kauai Tours?

How Kauai weather patterns effect Kauai Activities and Kauai Tours?

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Generally speaking, you could not be on a better island to enjoy great weather than Kauai.  Consequently, enjoying Kauai activities and Kauai tours is as good as it gets as well.  As far as temperate climates go, Kauai finds itself in the 'sweet spot'.  The average high monthly temperature will range from 78 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the low nightly temperature will find itself almost exactly 10 degrees below the high at all times of year.  These temps of course are measured at sea level and you can expect them to decrease accordingly as you travel higher up on the mountains.  

Average temperature, as you know is only one half of the story.  Rain and wind conditions can effect the monthly weather patterns and consequently your activities and tours, often in a negative way.  You'll be glad to know that although the higher rainfall totals occur in the winter months, rain actually falls on Kauai during every month of the year.  You will not be surprised to learn that December is the rainiest month of the year and June has the least, by about one-half.

Certainly it could be surmised that most of your Kauai activities and tours could be effected negatively with rain by a function of x2 during the winter months but realize that although these weather projections are based upon previous years of data, the individual days of any month can be absolutely beautiful  In fact it is our belief that some of the very best days of the year can be found on Kauai in the winter months on days when it is not raining.  The sun is strong and warm, the air is crystal and fresh and any scant notion of humidity is in complete hiding mode.

In addition, Kauai has a couple more things going for it in terms of weather conditions.  When it rains in Kauai much of the rainfall is at night.  Secondly, quite often you can simply sidestep the rain and wind by moving locations to the other side of the island, or even just a few valleys down the road.  Kauai is made up of a vast series of micro climates that are determined by the direction of the winds and the structure of the island which in many cases will shield one area from rain while providing the perfect conditions for sunshine in another.  If you are visiting from mainland America this may be a new concept for you as you are used to storm conditions extending for large areas and many miles with people in those areas finding themselves in essentially the same or very similar weather conditions.

Ocean temperatures on Kauai play by the same rules in terms of being temperate.  The average mean temperature of the ocean only fluctuates approximately 6 degree throughout the year.  January may have a high ocean temperature of 76 degrees while the warmest temperatures of the year will usually occur in September with a high of perhaps 81 or 82.  This slight variation in yearly ocean temperatures makes the water accessible for swimming and enjoying sea sports at all times of the year

So are there any generalizations we could make about the climactic conditions on Kauai and how they impact your ability to take and to enjoy your Kauai activities and tours?  Yes.  

We could say that Kauai generally has a very temperate and pleasant climate.  It will usually rain more in the winter months although the rain will likely come in spurts with the time between rainy periods providing for some of the best weather of the year.  The summers will be somewhat warmer and more arid with more sunny days but with a plentiful supply of Trade Winds from the North East.  The ocean temps will be very similar with a difference of only 6 degrees between the two extremes.

By in large what this all means is that 'Kauai is a paradise whatever time of the year you come'.   Some times of year will be marginally better for some activities than other times of year, but you would be hard pressed to believe that you could come to Kauai at any time of year and not have a great time!

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Most people consider Kauai to be the very most beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands.  Enjoying some of the Kauai Tours or some of the Kauai Activities on your visit here will allow you to truly appreciate the beauties of this magnificent island.

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