How can I guarantee being seated in the front seat of the helicopter?

How can I guarantee being seated in the front seat of the helicopter? The following question was answered by Cookie.


I am looking to go on a helicopter tour when I visit Hawaii. Before I make the booking I want to find out how I can guarantee that my husband and I will be seated in the front seats of the helicopter tour?


To guarantee front seats, book with a company that operates the Whisper Star model. It is the equivalent of the A-Star model but only puts 2 passengers in the front seat instead of 3. Therefore it allows for a larger combined weight.

In order for helicopters to fly safely they must have a balanced load during flight. It is for this reason that many helicopter tours have restrictions regarding heights and weights which results in nobody being able to be guaranteed to get front seats. Some tours like Sunshine Helicopters will offer first class (front row) seating but there still is a combined weight limit on these tours as well as an additional cost for the "First Class" seating.

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