Horseback Riding on Oahu with Gunstock Ranch

Oahu is fortunate to have the 400 acre Gunstock Ranch which is located up on the North Shore of Oahu. This is a working cattle ranch that offers a number of horseback riding options to its guests. If you have children, this is one of the very few horseback riding ranches that will provide rides for children as young as two years old and if they are that young and have never ridden a horse this is probably one of the best times to get the used to horses. Their list of options does not end there however as they offer a "full moon" ride twice a month which is absolutely gorgeous and a "sweetheart" ride which is only for couples. On this ride the wrangler will often leave the couple by themselves for a half hour of so at a beautiful location on the ranch and this has often provided an opportunity for the gentleman to ask the lady for her hand in marriage. There are also introductory rides and advanced rides and rides with BBQs and luncheon rides. For a ranch that specializes in just small groups of riders there are so many options. One thing you should be aware of as well is that the Gunstock Ranch is just a couple of minutes away from the Polynesian Cultural Center. Many people choose to dovetail their horseback ride with a trip to the Center and since it does not open to the public until about 1pm it makes sense to take one of the morning horseback rides first and then attend the Polynesian Cultural Center on the same day.

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Private and Group horseback riding and UTV adventures at the incredible ranch on Oahu's North Shore

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