Horseback Riding on Maui with Pony Express

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Pony Express Horseback Riding offers a one of a kind tour. You will meet this horseback ride up on the top of Haleakala, and then mount horses and descend into the crater itself. This amazing tour will take you down Sliding Sands Trail, which descends 3000' from the crater rim to the crater floor. The crater rim has a circumference of twenty-one miles, and from the crater floor on most days you will experience the silence that is its trademark. The crater is an area that many people see as they drive their car up to the top for a spectacular view or they see the crater on one of the bike tours offered on the mountain, but very few people actually descend into the crater itself. Perhaps this is because the way back up is so arduous, and so you will be pleased that you can ride your horse back out and let him do the walking.

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