Horseback Riding on Maui with Piiholo Ranch

For many, the very most beautiful ranch on the island is the Piiholo Ranch. It is located on the slopes of Haleakala just above the town of Makawao in an area known as Olinda. This is cowboy country and to prove the point Makawao town will have stores where you can by saddles and western wear. Located in meadowlands bordered by Eucalyptus trees this ranchland lies all to itself. At the beginning of the ride you will be able to see the spectacular zip-line that also takes off from the ranch but once on the ride you will be alone with your group and your horses and nothing else. The views from this ranch through the meadows to the ocean in the distance are some of the very best you will find on the island. These are very private rides offering a minimum of two persons to a maximum of six and the horses are unbelievably beautiful and well trained.

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Found of the slopes of Haleakala at about the 2500' level just a couple of miles above the 'cowboy' town of Makawao is found the Piiholo Ranch. This working cattle ranch is the home of the most beautiful meadowland horseback riding area on the island as well as the home of two of the most popular zipline courses to be found on Maui.

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