Horseback Riding on Kauai with Esprit De Corps Riding Academy

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If you're looking for a personal experience in your Kauai Horseback ride you need go no further than Esprit de Corp Riding Academy. This small ranch in the hills behind the Kapaa region of the island provides intimate riding tours for three riders or less. It really doesn't matter what your riding skills are because Esprit de Corp will be able to accommodate you perfectly. The Academy's owner is Dale Rosenfeld and she is certified by the American Riding Instructors Certification Program and she has a long history of studying with and teaching various competitors and equestrian trainers from around the world. Her rides vary from just a couple of hours to as much as a spectacular full day affair that will take you deep into the heart of the jungles of the island. Dale's position at the academy is one that she is perfectly suited for and you easily get the feeling that this ranch was essentially her calling in life.

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