Hiking Tours on Oahu with Oahu Nature Tours

Without a doubt the most comprehensive hiking tour company on the island of Oahu is Oahu Nature Tours. Their list of hikes and hike combinations is by far and away longer than anyone else's. Started in 1995 by a naturalist with an anthropology background, Michael Walther proceeded to create a company that had as his singular objective a company that could gain recognition for endangered species and other environmental projects. He now offers many short but worthwhile tours, most of which could be done in a single morning. In fact people often enjoy them so much that they participate in different tours on different days and Oahu Nature Tours will provide a better price if you decide to take multiple tours. There are so many different areas to visit and enjoy on Oahu in so many different and distinct eco-systems that participating in these hikes could prove to be the highlight of your visit to Oahu.

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Oahu's many outdoor regions can be visited on a variety of hikes with Oahu Nature Tours. Tours are generally designed be taken in a single morning outing and so you could choose tours for multiple days and in fact you will get a price break for doing so.

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