Hiking Tours on Oahu with Bike Hawaii

Just because "Bike Hawaii" seems from its name to be a company that provides bike tours of the island is no reason for you to go off the deep end and think that they don't offer great hiking tours as well! The fact is, they do offer hiking tours and really spectacular ones at that! In the mountains above Waikiki in an area called Manoa Valley is a hike they offer called the Ohana Rainforest. This hike which takes place on private property not available to the general public will take you to a remote 200' water fall in the middle of a verdant rainforest. This is only a four-hour day tour but by day's end you'll have a totally different idea of what you thought Oahu looked like. It is amazing that such dazzlingly beautiful and remote locations can be found in areas so close to Waikiki. Pick-up is included from your hotel.

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The company 'Bike Hawaii' deals with much more than just bike rides. Over their long history they have evolved to include hiking tours and kayaking trips as well as snorkeling and sailing adventures.

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