Hiking Tours on Kauai with Princeville Ranch Adventures

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Princeville Ranch Adventures is located in the Hanalei region of the island of Kauai in an area known as Princeville. In the early 1800's, this became one of the first cattle ranches on the island. Cattle are still run on the ranch today. It is the site of a famous horseback riding stable and a series of incredible Ziplines, which have become all the rage over the past decade or so. Hiking is also provided as a tour in this area, and these tours provide a great way to relax and unwind. The tours are approximately three hours or so in length, and hike you along a stream with a series of beautiful waterfalls eventually ending at a waterfall where you can jump in for a most refreshing dip. You will have a picnic lunch before your return hike. The hiking distance on this tour is only about four miles so it is not overly exerting, but it gets you into the jungle far enough to realize that you're not in Kansas anymore.

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