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Hiking Tours on Kauai with Kayak Kauai Hiking

Kayak Kauai Outbound is above all else a company that thrives upon providing you with adventure. They do many things in their company including (obviously because it's in their name) kayaking tours as well as surfing instructions and of course hiking. There are so many varied and different hiking trails on Kauai that it is a bit confusing deciding which one to actually take but this is part of the splendor of being in an area that is so rich in natural sites and locations. Their hiking tours really do appeal to everyone, it's just a matter of deciding which one is best suited for you. The tour they offer which is generally considered to be the least difficult would be the Pacific Botanical Tropical Garden hike. This hike is three hours in length and will take you through trails that have been impeccably maintained with the ultimate destination being an ancient but restored Hawaiian Taro patch. You'll come away with a good idea of how it was that the ancient Hawaiian actually produced the vast quantities of food that were necessary to feed the multitudes that lived here. On the other end of the spectrum you could take an exhaustive but incredible eight mile hike along the Na Pali Coastline to view what might be the most beautiful coastline on the planet.

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